secret youtube tips for beginners

38 Secret YouTube Tips That Are Like Small Tutorials For Beginners

I created this article with the best 38 Secret YouTube Tips for beginners that I learned and accumulated over the 2 years since I launched my first YouTube channel.

If I had known these secret YouTube tips from the beginning, I probably would have evolved much faster and more efficiently as a beginner.

Although I’m still learning a lot about this field, I think I’m able to offer some useful tips, through these small tutorials, for those who are just starting out and want to launch a YouTube channel.

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I would like to present you with the most accurate details and provide the necessary information for each individual advice and lesson. So, let’s get started!

1. Just start and use what you have

My opinion is that when you want to launch a YouTube channel, you don’t have to wait to have expensive equipment such as a camera, microphone or I don’t know what image stabilizer.

My advice is to stop waiting and actually start posting clips and filming using what you already have, namely your phone.

And if you want to edit what you filmed, there are numerous applications and simple editing programs. Youcut or capcut are such mobile applications for smartphones, and for laptops the easiest to use would be filmora wondershare or others.

I say it’s worth starting to film and publish clips on your new channel as soon as possible, because that’s the only way to accumulate experience over time. Nobody was born perfect! It is normal to learn from your mistakes.

For example, at the beginning I used my Samsung A51 phone together with a very cheap tripod without a stabilizer, filming myself at home or outside in the middle of nature without walking, because I didn’t have an image stabilizer.

2. Broad niche at the beginning and then more focused

If you have not yet decided what kind of video content you want to publish on your channel, my advice is to start with a broader niche, and then, as you grow and see the preferences of your visitors, to start focusing on just one or two or a maximum of 3 niches that are more successful.

3. Use an attractive profile image and a nice banner with a good message

Try to add an attractive profile picture that represents you and your channel. Try to use a lighter background, but not too bright, and the image in the middle with your face should be more cheerful or optimistic. You can also use the image of a logo.

You can take a picture of yourself with your phone, and you can easily create a logo using platforms such as placeit or various mobile applications specialized in this field.

If you still want something even more professional, then you can look for specialists in design and graphics. You can find them very easily on freelancing platforms such as fiverr.

youtube profile picture example

The large banner of your YouTube channel is usually 2560 x 1440 px. I usually create such a banner using the placeit platform or using the services of a professional designer on fiverr.

This banner should include a representative image for your channel and a portion of text in the middle that can contain a message or a slogan to briefly present what your channel is about.

You can also add an image or text on the banner in which to write Subscribe with a small downward arrow so that it is directed to the profile picture or the subscribe button of the channel which is usually on the left side under the big banner.

youtube cover photo example

4. Create a channel trailer

This step is not mandatory, but it is a good opportunity in which you can make a video presentation of the channel, in which you can talk about yourself and what kind of video content you will publish.

In this way, your visitors and fans will know what kind of content to expect on your channel and will be motivated to subscribe much faster. In this way, you will attract only subscribers who are really interested in what you offer through your videos.

5. Study the competition and make videos with content similar to their best videos so that you can appear in suggestions and recommendations

One of the most important secrets that any beginner should apply is the following:

Search and make a list of at least 10 successful channels related to your niche.

Then go to the videos section of each of them and list their most popular videos.

most popular videos

Write down the titles of the first 10 or 20 videos for each of the channels.

In this way, you ensure that you will have sources of inspiration for your future videos and that it is possible to be successful faster than if you publish videos with titles or topics chosen at random.

I have a saying: If others have already been successful with something, it is impossible for me not to be successful with that thing. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to be successful. It is better to take advantage of what is already successful.

In this way, you will be able to have visits much faster and easier, especially since you will increase the chances that YouTube will add your clips to suggested or recommended videos.

I speak these tips from my own experience, because I applied this step, using as a source of inspiration a video that had over 4 million views, and my clip arrived after 2 months in the section of videos suggested by YouTube for those who followed that very popular clip.

I’m not saying to copy those clips, but only to use them as a source of inspiration for titles, topics and ideas, adapting them to your style of course.

6. Title & Thumbnails are very important

Choosing a good title and thumbnail image for a video can make the difference between success and failure.

These two aspects are essential for any YouTuber who wants to stand out and attract as many visitors and subscribers as possible.

The title and thumbnail of a video matter in a proportion of 70% or even 80% in order to have a higher click rate.

The click rate or CTR is one of the most important factors of the Google algorithm that can propel a video as high as possible in the search results or in suggestions and recommendations.

A good title must not necessarily be clickbait, but must be related to the content of the video, but, at the same time, it must create interest and curiosity among visitors, sometimes even positive and even negative emotions.

A good thumbnail should also reflect and somehow complement the content of the video. A thumbnail must attract attention both through images and through the text it contains.

A good thumbnail usually has some contrasting colors that stand out, and the associated text is also in contrast to the background of the image. For example, you can combine your face, an attractive background and a text that stands out.

The text is usually placed on the top or bottom left, and the picture with your face on the right or in the middle. The background must be created in such a way that it stands out and, at the same time, makes the text as visible as possible, as well as the rest of the images.

youtube thumbnail example

Try to make 2 or 3 variants of titles and thumbnails, analyze them carefully, possibly you can ask your friends for their opinion and ask them: Which one would you click? Which one do you find more attractive?

To create a thumbnail you can use the placeit platform or various phone applications specialized in this regard or, if you don’t want to complicate things, look for designers on the fiverr platform who have experience and are specialized in this field.

If you have patience, you can learn by yourself how to use graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop. There are enough tutorials about photoshop even on YouTube. In this way, you will have even more to gain because you will acquire a new skill that will help you in the future.

There would be another possibility, namely the creation of thumbnails with the help of the new AI programs, but I’m not a fan of them, although I could always use them. I like to create them myself because I can make them exactly how I want.

7. Don’t be afraid to be in front of the camera, be natural

I know that it is not easy to film yourself and appear in front of the video camera and be as natural as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this, but even so, there are still chances to succeed if you really want to overcome your fears.

I wasn’t totally relaxed at the beginning either, but as I filmed more and more clips, I became braver and I started to stop caring about the opinions of others.

However, I noticed one thing: when I master a subject very well, then I have no problem speaking freely and filming myself. The problem arises when I don’t know so many details about a certain topic, but even then there are solutions such as using a teleprompter or paying a freelancer to film and speak for you.

When I film myself, I always have a bottle of water at hand, I try to relax and even if I make a mistake, I don’t stop filming, I start the speech again and again because I know that I can cut the wrong parts when I edit the video.

I also noticed that the best videos are those when I film myself while walking in nature. This is also a solution for banishing anxiety and negative emotions that can appear in those moments.

8. Use a teleprompter app or device

If you don’t want or can’t memorize the script of a video, then you can use an application or a device with a teleprompter, which gives you the opportunity to easily read the text directly from the phone screen or even using a video camera, during filming.

Even if it’s not as natural as when you speak freely, however, I think it’s the best solution, especially if you don’t want to remember an entire script, you can’t speak freely, or if you’re a more emotional or introverted person.

9. If you want faceless channel use fiverr and AI and more video editing

If you don’t like filming yourself or appearing in front of the camera, then the only solution is to create a faceless YouTube channel.

The best niches for such channels are: finance, health, tech, history, motivational, travel and lifestyle.

From my experience, these niches are the ones with the highest RPM (revenue for 1000 views). There are 3 ways to create such faceless channels:

Film with your camera or phone, but don’t film yourself, instead film what you see in front of you. For example, you can create a travel channel where you film the places you visit, without filming yourself. If you want, you can talk or not while filming. It’s just your choice.

Another method to create a faceless channel is to outsource all the services necessary to create such a channel, and you only create the action plan, ideas for videos and have money to invest.

For example, you can look for freelancers on the fiverr platform: some of them do the video editing, others the script, others thumbnails and others to film themselves and talk in front of the camera.

The third method by which you can create a faceless YouTube channel is to use AI tools for editing, voice over and script generation. But in this case you must be aware that you cannot monetize the channel so easily.

YouTube has some pretty strict rules regarding the monetization of channels that use AI. However, there are chances to monetize such a channel through other methods such as: affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services.

There are still some channels created with AI tools, but those have a very original and complex video editing, not just a slideshow of images and an artificial voice over.

10. Invest in equipment only after you have a constant income

In my opinion, it is worth investing in a more advanced equipment, only after you start to earn constantly from your channel.

However, if you can afford it and you’re also passionate, then I think it’s worth investing money in a good video camera, high-performance microphone and a good video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or another equally complex one.

In my case, I preferred to start with the phone and use free or cheaper video editing programs. Probably in the future I will invest more money in more expensive equipment, but until then I manage as best I can and that’s ok.

11. Don’t over complicate video editing

If you manage to film yourself and speak in front of the camera, then you don’t need to do too complex video editing.

On the contrary, people prefer more natural and even amateur style videos, especially if you want to reflect reality in your videos.

However, I think there are some necessary video editing elements, namely: to cut the portions where there are mistakes or errors in speaking and filming, to add text elements from time to time and not to forget to ask people to subscribe to the channel and like the video.

12. Don’t use copyrighted music, images or videos

My advice is not to use copyrighted music, images or videos because you can get a copyright strike and sometimes you can even risk closing the channel.

The best solution for music is to use the audio library that YouTube itself makes available to you in YouTube studio or, better, to use platforms such as epidemic sound that specialize in licensed music that can be used without problems in your videos from YouTube.

13. Don’t reuse other people’s content

Although there is the notion of fair use, I still do not recommend reusing other clips or portions of videos posted by other YouTubers because you may risk receiving a copyright claim and working for nothing.

If you really want to use such video materials, I think the best solution is to ask permission directly from the creators of those videos.

14. First 30 seconds are important

The newest method to make visitors watch a video longer is that in the first 30 seconds you create suspense, curiosity, a great interest in what will follow or some positive emotions of impatience for the next minutes.

This is possible by including at the very beginning of the clip a video part that captures some of the most thrilling moments filmed, but which does not reveal the whole action or how it ends.

In this way, you will increase the retention period along the video, and the YouTube algorithm loves this behavior of your channel visitors.

15. Always create a description related to your video content

When creating the description of a YouTube video, you need to consider several aspects such as:

The description must be related to the content of the video. Include in the description keywords or terms that people would search for on YouTube or Google when they want to see such videos.

Don’t forget to study your successful competitors. You can even get inspiration from them for some ideas, but I advise you not to copy the texts from their descriptions because you will not be successful in this way.

16. Add good tags

Tags are a useful way to tell the YouTube algorithm what your video is about. These are keywords or terms that are related to the content you publish.

To create the best tags follow these steps:

Install your vidIQ extension. With its help you can see what kind of tags your competitors use.

Considering that YouTube is also a search engine, use its power and be inspired by the keywords it suggests when you want to search for something related to the subject of your video.

Also, YouTube videos can also appear in the search results on Google, and this means that you can also be inspired by the keywords that Google Suggest displays when you want to search for something related to the subject of your video, of course.

Another method is to use the google trends platform and see what is trending in the field that interests you.

All these methods can be successfully used to create the ideal tags for your YouTube channel videos.

17. What is the frequency of posting videos

From my experience, I have noticed that the frequency of posting videos does not have a certain pattern, in the sense that you do not have to post daily to be successful.

It is important that you still post at least once a month to keep the channel as active as possible. Ideally, you should post at least once a week.

However, you must take into account the fact that quality is more important than quantity. For this reason, it is good to create the best videos you can, because this way your visitors and subscribers will be much happier.

I post about once a week and sometimes even every 2 weeks, because I prefer to create only quality clips with attention to the smallest details.

I also noticed that some of my competitors post much more often than me, but they don’t have more daily views than me, even if they have even 5 times more videos than I have published on my channel.

Offer as much value as possible and try to find the best solutions to your visitors’ problems, even if that means publishing less often.

18. Engage with visitors in comments

It is good to always respond to the most interesting comments, even if some of them are not exactly positive.

In this way, you will create a permanent interaction with the visitors of your channel. However, if you cannot respond to some comments, it is not a problem because there will probably be other visitors who will respond if they know details related to the subject in question.

19. Ignore the Haters

Almost every YouTube channel has negative comments from haters, but that should not affect you. The solution is to ignore them and if their comments are too vulgar, then you can delete them without any problem.

Sometimes I noticed that the controversial comments of some haters created even more engagement, and this is even beneficial for your channel, thus managing to reach the eyes of more visitors.

20. Use YouTube shorts to gain more subscribers quickly, but after you rich 1000 subscribers focus more on long format videos

If I were to start a new YouTube channel now, I would publish from time to time some YouTube shorts that can bring more subscribers in a shorter time, so that I can quickly reach the 1000 subscribers needed to be eligible for monetization.

However, this has some negative aspects that may cause you to stop using them: subscribers who come to the channel after visiting these YouTube shorts are not necessarily interested in the content of long format videos.

This means that when you publish longer normal videos, those subscribers will not be interested in their content.

Another negative aspect of YouTube shorts is that their views do not count towards the watch time required to reach 4000 hours of views, which is the second criteria you must meet to be eligible for monetization with YouTube ads.

The choice is yours: if you want to use or not to use these YouTube shorts. I would publish them only until I reach 1000 subscribers, and then I would focus only on long format videos, because their views are considered for the duration necessary to be eligible for monetization.

21. Create more YouTube video intros

If you want to use some professional intros for your videos, then you can use the placeit platform.

On this platform you will find tens and even hundreds of templates for intros lasting 6 seconds or even 10 seconds, which you just have to adapt to your channel.

I usually create at least 10 intros using the placeit platform, which I include in my various videos. In this way you will create more diversity and your subscribers will not get bored.

create video intro using placeit

22. Create also evergreen content videos but also some trending and seasonal content

If you want to have constant traffic on your channel throughout the year, then you must create and publish videos with evergreen content, which will be constantly searched for.

However, it is good from time to time to publish videos related to various trending topics and even seasonal products.

I’ll give you an example in this sense, if you have a channel about the Home and Garden niche, then you can publish like this:

Publish evergreen videos for example The best vacuum cleaners (which are searched all year round), then publish seasonal videos about the Best air conditioners (which are searched more in the summer) and you can also publish trending videos such as Gift ideas with home decorations for Christmas Day (which are in the top searches only before Christmas).

23. Ask people to subscribe during the clip, at the end and in the description

Don’t forget to ask people to subscribe to the channel and like the videos. You can ask them for this during the video, at the end and even in the text of the description.

You have to take my word for it that this strategy is very effective and works. I always tell visitors not to forget to subscribe to the channel and like and leave a comment if they liked what they saw.

If you don’t have the courage to tell them directly, then it is enough to add a small text with Like and Subscribe when you edit the respective video. Add this text after the first 10 or 20 seconds, somewhere in the middle and before the end, and the duration is ok if you let it appear for 6 seconds each time.

24. Use Affiliate marketing for monetization

The easiest way to make money with a YouTube channel, even if you’re just starting out and don’t have 1000 subscribers yet, is to promote various products and services through affiliate marketing.

You can do affiliate marketing starting with the first video you publish on your channel. If you want to apply this method, all you have to do is apply to various networks and affiliate programs related to your channel’s niche.

I can give you some examples to better understand this monetization method:

If you have a channel about technology or about the home and garden niche, then the easiest way is to promote the products of some shops in this field. Amazon Associates Program is the best known affiliate program and the easiest to use.

There are other such stores that have affiliate programs, and you can find most of them in affiliate networks such as shareasale or commission junction.

If you have a channel about natural remedies then it is best to promote offers and products related to this niche. The most famous such programs and affiliate networks are clickbank, sellhealth, iherb and other equally interesting ones.

If I think about it, there are hundreds if not thousands of such affiliate programs. The secret is to focus only on those that fit your niche and that convert the best.

Anyway, I will write several articles about affiliate marketing that I will publish on my kujosmania blog, so that you can understand this very profitable field much better.

25. Use a Call to action message

You must always use a Call to action type message during each video published on YouTube.

This message can be in the form of text and you can even say it directly with your voice while filming yourself.

This Call to action message can be of several types such as:

You ask visitors to subscribe, like and write comments if they liked the video published on your channel.

If you do affiliate marketing and promote some products or services online, then you must tell people to check out the links in the video description. If you don’t remind them that you added some links in the video description, then those visitors have no way of knowing that there are some product links in the description.

Also, if you sell certain products, online courses or e-books, then it is necessary, of course, to add a Call to action type message in the video and in the description.

26. Don’t use affiliate marketing for each video

This advice is a very important one that is valid both in the case of websites, blogs and in the case of videos posted on your YouTube channel.

I don’t think you want your channel to be too commercial so that in every clip you promote one or more products through affiliate marketing.

You have to learn to provide valuable content to your visitors without trying to sell them something every time.

My advice is that only 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 5 videos contain affiliate links. It would be ideal that in each video you offer useful and valuable content that offers solutions to various problems of people interested in your channel’s niche.

For example, you can teach them to do something in a more efficient way or present them with certain tutorials on how to use or choose certain products and other similar ideas.

27. Look for sponsors and brands in your niche

You don’t have to wait to have tens of thousands of subscribers and visitors to be contacted by various sponsors and brands who want you to advertise for them.

Sometimes it is enough to have even a few hundred subscribers or 1000 subscribers in a lucky case, so that you have the opportunity to contact the brands directly.

The strategy is to look at which companies and brands have products that are related to the videos on your channel. Then you will search their websites and send them an email or a message in the Contact page where you tell them who you are and give a small presentation of your channel.

Eventually you tell them what kind of videos you make, how many viewers you have per month and you present them with some of the reasons why they should work with you to promote their products or services.

28. Create your own product

One of the most effective ways to monetize a YouTube channel is to create and promote your own product.

This product must be related to the content of your YouTube channel or highlight your brand.

The most popular products of this type are online courses, e-books and even some physical products that can be print on demand or even offers from your online store.

Using this method, you will monetize your YouTube channel in an efficient, independent and profitable way, without focusing only on monetization through YouTube ads or affiliate marketing.

29. Create membership or patreon or even add a link for donations

An additional way to monetize a youtube channel is to activate the membership option. It becomes active only after you monetize your channel.

Within this membership, you can offer exclusive content that can only be seen by subscribers who pay to be members of your channel.

This exclusive content that you offer only to members, may contain various videos that offer more advanced, more detailed or more valuable materials and information.

You can also monetize the content of the YouTube channel by creating an account on Patreon, and in the description of each video insert a link to this account.

On this patreon account you can also publish more detailed and valuable content for which subscribers must pay a subscription to have full access.

If you want to get donations from your visitors and subscribers, then you can put in the descriptions of the YouTube videos, links through which they can donate certain amounts of money.

The most popular donation links are paypal, revolut or tipeeestream. Another way to receive donations is to do live stream on YouTube, and people in livechat have the possibility to offer you donations very easily.

30. Use Newsletter for email marketing strategy

Collecting subscribers’ emails through a newsletter is also possible if you have a YouTube channel.

It is enough to insert in the description of each video a link that redirects visitors to a landing page where they can subscribe to your newsletter.

This landing page can be created in the form of a funnel, through which you can facilitate the subscription to the newsletter using a lead magnet so that you can offer a free product (course or e-book) to those who subscribe to the email newsletter.

In this way, in the future you will no longer depend on the various algorithm updates periodically released by google or YouTube and you will ensure a base of loyal subscribers, who are really interested in what you have to offer.

Using this strategy you will be able to periodically send them emails with useful information, various offers, advice, recommendations and tutorials through which you will have the opportunity to have a stable and scalable long-term income.

There are several platforms for newsletters that also have autoresponder services, sales funnel creation and landing pages. Among the most famous are the following: convertkit, aweber, mailchimp,, constant contact, getresponse, mailerlite and activecampaign.

31. Make youtube live stream to connect with your fans

A good strategy to increase your number of fans and subscribers is to do a YouTube live stream as soon as you have this possibility on your channel.

In this way, your subscribers will have the opportunity to get to know you much better, and you will be able to quickly answer all the questions they will ask you in the live chat.

Also, if you are already monetized, then making YouTube live stream is a good opportunity to create additional income through the donations you will receive from your fans in live chat during the live stream.

32. Collaborations with other youtubers

Even if you’re a beginner, it’s good to look for as many YouTubers in your niche as possible and propose various collaborations, even if they’re just starting out or don’t have such a big channel.

You could help each other and publish a few videos on each channel in order to attract as many visitors and subscribers interested in your content as possible.

Of course, if you somehow have friends or know YouTubers with better-known and older channels, then it would be ideal to be able to collaborate with them, even if it is not as easy.

If you know how to offer valuable content, then I think that even the more advanced YouTubers will be happy to collaborate with you. The truth is that, if you don’t try, you will never find out if such collaborations are possible or not.


If you want to understand more details related to these terms, you must first understand the meaning of each one.

Those from YouTube say that CTR represents “how often viewers watched your video after seeing your thumbnail”. The formula is simple CTR = clicks / impressions x 100.

A good CTR is considered between 3% and 10%, and if it exceeds 10% it is extremely good. In my opinion, a good CTR should be somewhere between 5% and 10%.

If you want to have a higher CTR then you have to be very careful when creating thumbnails and video titles, because these are the first elements that make visitors click and look at the content of these videos.

RPM is an element that shows you how much money you earn per 1000 views. It varies depending on several factors: the niche of the video, the geographical area where the visitors come from, the age of the visitors and other elements of this type.

An average RPM is somewhere around $2. Of course anything above $2 is considered a very good RPM.

I will give you some examples of YouTube niches with very good RPM: finance, digital marketing, auto moto, online education, travel, health and fitness. The RPM for such niches can even be between $5 and $20.

Therefore, when you choose the niche of a channel, it would be good to take this aspect into account. But it would be ideal to be passionate about this niche if you want to have continuity and post quality content.

There are other niches with lower RPM, for example the entertainment one, but in this case you have the advantage that such videos have a lot of views, which compensates for an RPM with a lower value.

CPM is an element similar to RPM, but it represents how much money advertisers pay for their ads to appear on YouTube.

Taking into account these factors, I believe that CTR and RPM are among the most important elements that measure the performance of your clips.

34. Returning viewers

One of the most important factors influencing the positive evolution of a YouTube channel is related to returning viewers.

The YouTube algorithm sees this aspect as a very strong positive signal, which helps the channel to have a good evolution over time.

returning viewers

In this way, YouTube considers that your videos provide value and visitors are satisfied with the content you create.

35. Watch your channel analytics, best videos, audience behavior

It is good to watch and analyze periodically the statistics in YouTube Studio, because they can provide you with very useful information, which is vital for the evolution of your channel over time.

youtube channel analytics statistics

The most important statistics that you can find in the Analytics section in YouTube Studio and that you should look at more often are the following:

In the Overview section, for example, you can find general statistics for the last 28 days, details such as: number of views, watch time, subscribers, estimated revenue and top videos with the most views.

In the Content section you will find more detailed information for a certain period, about views, impressions, ctr and average view duration.

Also, in the Content section you can find details about the traffic sources, which are usually the following: YouTube search, suggested videos, external, browse features, direct and others.

The best sources of traffic are suggested videos (when YouTube recommends your videos to visitors who are watching similar videos) and YouTube search (when your videos appear in YouTube search results), followed by browse features (which usually come from YouTube homepage) and external (which usually come directly from google search).

In the Audience section you can find details about returning viewers, unique viewers, subscribers and more advanced details such as: geographical areas where the visitors come from, age and gender.

In the Revenue section you will find details about the estimated income per day and even per month. Also here you will find details related to the value of the RPM (revenue for every 1k views).

36. Use the power of YouTube as a search engine

Everyone knows that google is the number 1 search engine, but few people know that the number 2 search engine is actually YouTube.

Just as people search for various information on Google, they also search for such information on YouTube, obtaining various very interesting videos in the search results.

youtube search engine optimization

In this way, YouTube offers an advantage that is becoming more and more obvious today when most people prefer video content instead of written content.

37. You can also rank on google

Do not forget that videos on the YouTube platform can also appear in Google search results.

Taking into account this detail, you must take advantage of the power you have as a youtuber and try to create videos around some terms or keywords that are trending or that are constantly searched for on google.

In this way, you will be able to bring visitors to your YouTube channel even if you are a beginner and you are not yet that popular on this platform.

get youtube videos ranked on google

To make your work easier and to look for new ideas for YouTube videos that will also rank on Google, we recommend you to use seo tools such as: google trends, google suggest, google keyword planner, ahrefs or ubersuggest.

38. Views are more important than subscribers

You must know from the launch of your first YouTube channel that views are always more important than the number of subscribers.

Of course, the number of subscribers is also important, at least until you reach the threshold of 1000 subscribers, which are necessary to be eligible for monetization through YouTube ads.

The idea is that, after you will be accepted in the YouTube monetization program, then the number of views will be much more important than the number of subscribers, because the profit is calculated relative to the number of views.

I’ll give you an example to understand even better:

A channel that has 2000 subscribers and 5000 views per day will generate a much higher income than a channel that has 15000 subscribers and only 3000 views per day. In this case, we are only referring to the money earned through monetization with YouTube ads.

I hope these secret tips will help you in your YouTube journey. I only know that it took me 2 years to discover all these YouTube tips and I can say that, until now, I have successfully implemented them in the growth of all my channels.

I want this article to be a rich source of useful information, that I offer to my followers who also want to create successful YouTube channels in the future.